• Mint: My first love. It was my first step for trying to understand my spending habits. It is both a web-based application and app that allows you to connect to different types of accounts such as banking, loans, credit cards, investing accounts, etc. Every time you log in your financial data gets updated on demand and it is very well presented in a dashboard-type visualization. It’s free to signup and it is great for tracking your spending and budgeting.
  • Personal Capital: This has become my go to place for tracking my net worth. I first heard about it when listening to the Listen Money Matters podcast and as soon as I downloaded it I just fell in I love with it. Similar to mint, you can connect to different types of accounts in a very smooth and seamlessly fashion. It’s also free and every time you log your financial data is aggregated and presented in a state of the art dashboard which is just phenomenal. The site also showcases analytics that perform deep dives on your investment accounts.